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The Elf Trauma Band - one of Houston, TX best modern rock cover bands...have us play your party or club!
bios page
Bios The Elf Trauma Band formed in August, 1999. We were all introduced to each other through our mutual friend and fellow musician, Kelly Hunter. We started jammin' and soon realized we were having a lot of fun. Our friends kept encouraging us to form a band so we did. We are planning on playing together for a long time so you can expect to see us at the all usual clubs around the Houston area.  Our new CD is named "Red" and will be available for sale at our gigs.

Ian Born: Garland Texas 1969, attended Plano East Senior High 85-88. Moved to Austin 89. Houston in 90, there ever since.

Paragon, Solid Gus, nyb, and Smidgen, are a few of the bands I've been involved with. Now the elf! This is by far the best gig ever. Look forward to seeing all of you at the show.

WedgeThey want me to write a bio, well here goes:

My first encounter with an instrument was drums in sixth and seventh grade band. After having the teacher throw her sticks at me on more than one occasion, I decided ex-nay on the drum thang. Also, I found out reading music sucked for me (explains the throwing of sticks). My approach to musical stardom (ha, ha) now was going to be on the guitar.

At the age of fourteen I started my self-teaching, heavily influenced by bands such as Rush, Led Zepplin, and the Sex Pistols. Not just for the music but the powerful lyrics. At the age of sixteen I had a chance to play in a band as a bass player. I bought a bass and "Rock City" was on the scene. If you never heard of the Rock City band I know why...not good. That ordeal was a lot of fun but at the age of nineteen it was over.

I quit playing until the age of twenty seven (1992) when I was inspired by the awesome sounds of Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and a cheap copy of Eddie Van Halens guitar, And yes, I bought that cheap piece of shit guitar. Now I messed around at home, bought new gear, bought more new gear, bought even more new gear. That seems to be the norm for a musician I found out.

Now in early 1999, Robin and I were jammin' with some friends in a band called Tranzsin. We needed a drummer and hooked up with Jammin' Jimmy. Then Glen stepped in with his powerful vocals. At this point, Tranzsin tranzed and we guitar-jacked Paul. What an awesome guitar-jacking that was. With this, Elf Trauma was formed in the fall of 1999. Oh, and by the way, I love the smell of chocolate cake in the morning, and if I say it's safe to surf this beach, it's safe to surf this beach. Now let's get out there.

I'M OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

RockitRobin How I wound up as the bassist for Elf Trauma is an amazement even to myself. My musical background began about the age of 8 at the mercy of a piano. My next victim was the flute in the Jr. High marching band at La Grange High School. And the bass, well I picked one up less than a couple years ago when Curtis and I dabbled in songwriting. I guess good timing came my way when Curtis and a couple of friends started jammin'. A bass player was born!

My motto is "Girls Kick Ass" so in reverence, some of my favorite female artist include, Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Nicks, and Shirley Manson of Garbage. Certainly one thing that will get my attention between learning bass licks is a humongous bowl of Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate ice cream.


Hey, what's up guys and gals? The band has requested I write this...hope I don't bore you too much. Well, here it goes:

Let's start at the beginning, I was born in June of 63' in Redwood City, CA. The youngest of five kids. I started my music career in the third grade playing the trombone for the school band. Yes, that's right, the trombone. Got damn good at it, too. So good, that in my freshman year of high school I was playing first chair, which had never been done there before. However, I couldn't keep my eyes off the drum line. Luckily, for me, my brother had left behind a snare drum from his high school days so I was already playing school solo's on snare when my teacher caught me staring at the drum line at practice one day and asked if I would like to join them instead. I knew this was my one opportunity, so I jumped at it. Surprised the hell out of him.

So now I am a drummer but, the band is full of them. So what to do? I entered the world of drum and bugle corps. competition. Wow, is that stuff exciting! Hard work and a lot of travel, but very exciting. Played for the Santa Clara Vanguards, #1 in the country. Man, I loved that stuff and learned so much in such a little time frame. I would recommend it to everyone. Traveled around the United States playing in all kinds of bowl game half time shows, field competitions and parades.

After three years, however, it was time for a change. Rock and Roll here I come! I hooked up with a bunch of guys in San Jose, CA by the name of Barsinister. Hey, for a bunch of kid's we were pretty damn good. This was the late 70's so my mind could be playing tricks on me. I played with them for about a year or so then met my future wife to be (unexpectedly I might add) and this changed the focus of my life in a very positive way.

Needless to say, the wife thing was in, the rock and roll was out for the time being. I started a new life with my wife, had a child after 4 years of marriage, and moved out to Houston, with one more child to follow 3 years later.

Well, I built this wonderful family I love so much, now it is time to Rock! Answered an ad at Guitar Center and found myself a home with the local band Wattzit2ya for the next eight years. I had a great time with those guys (all of them) and will never forget them for what I learned while I was with them.

However, after eight years it was time to move on and use the creative side of my brain. Thanks to Kelly of Wattzit2ya, their guitarist, I was able to hook up with these guys and gal here at Elf Trauma Studios and I can't thank Kelly enough. This band rocks!

I could go into my influences but, there are just way too many to list. I had the luck to grow up through the 70's, 80's, and 90's so it's safe to say I am musically spoiled. Progressive rock has always been my love and I am high on Dream Theater right now. I have waited my whole life to play in a band with such class and dedication and I can say now that I have found that band.

We ROCK and you should come ROCK with us! See you at the show.

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